References for Bruce Benninghoff - Forestry Consultant

Our community has benefited greatly from Bruce Benninghoff's expertise in fire mitigation and forest health. His advice saved us from making a costly mistake on a landscape-scale fuel break. Individual homeowners, including myself, have taken his thoughtful recommendations in regard to making our homes more fire resistant without sacrificing aesthetic values.

He has presented interesting and helpful programs to Pine Brook Hills and our Fire Protection District, including all-day workshops that trained groups of volunteers to recognize and control various threats to forest health such as bark beetles and Dwarf Mistletoe.

Bruce's fund of knowledge is deep; he's a great teacher, and his experience and enthusiasm make learning about forest ecosystems fun. I highly recommend him.

Suzanne Adams
Co-Editor, The Pine Brook Press
Board Member, Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District

The management of my land for forest products, wildlife and recreation was advanced by Bruce's consultation. With his assistance, the harvest of over-mature timber was done with minimum damage to the younger timber and in such a way as to improve forage for wildlife. Bruce has also assisted me during the state's annual review of the implementation of my forest management plan.

Gene Milus, Phd., Professor of Plant Pathology
University of Arkansas

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