What you need to know about forest pests to keep your forest healthy:

My approach to forest health starts with this basic ecological axiom.

If optimal habitat for an organism exists, its population will expand to fill that habitat.
Therefore don't create optimal habitat for undesirable organisms.
If it exists, don't allow it to persist.

For a Fee:

I offer seminars on the common forest pests, how to recognize them, their life cycles, and how to control them.   I have been presenting seminars in support of the "Beetle Buster" program in Pine Brook Hills (west of Boulder) for the past 5 years.  The length and presentation style can be customized to your homeowners association or neighborhood group.

For Free:

I offer the PDF document linked below, which contains the main points of the seminar material.  If you would like to get the all the details, call (303-978-1284) to arrange a seminar for yourself and your neighbors.

Prompt detection is critical to successful control with minimum losses and expense.  Every year that a pest population builds up undetected, means that the direct control effort will be significantly more difficult and expensive.   By familiarizing yourself with the basics of host ID, and pest ID, you will be better prepared to detect infestations before they become epidemics.

Click here for a PDF file containing seminar highlights

I make this material available for personal use only. If you pass it along to someone else, please respect my copyright and do not alter it or charge for it.

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